About ACE Tooling, Inc.

ACE Tooling, Inc. is a high technology, aerospace oriented supplier of tooling, gauging, and machining for the gas turbine segment of the investment casting industry.

ACE Tooling, Inc. was founded in 1968 as Anderson Machine and Tool, Inc. Then in 1988, the company was sold to Aerospace Engineering, PLC (later renamed Intelek, PLC), of the United Kingdom. Anderson Machine and Tooling, Inc became INCA Tooling, Inc. and later was renamed ACE Tooling, Inc. In 2001 the company was again sold to a local businessman here in the city of Norton Shores, Michigan. Although we have experienced many changes over the years, the core of ACE Tooling has remained the same and continues to be a highly respected and stable company.

Aerospace Tooling & Machining Specialists

Historically, our tooling group has focused on producing wax injection tooling, plastic injection tooling and gauging for airfoil products in the aerospace investment casting industry. Our group of aerospace machining specialists has concentrated on the preparation of test bar specimens removed from castings for mechanical testing, plus performing secondary operations on the castings.

The tooling group produces molds for the major second tier suppliers including Howmet Corporation, Precision Castparts Corporation and Chromalloy, etc. The machining group currently works almost exclusively for Howmet, preparing mechanical test specimens.

A.C.E. Tooling AS9100D Certificate of Registration

Employee Cross Training & Experience

ACE Tooling, Inc. currently has seventeen employees – and most of us have been with ACE for over 5 years. Most of the management team have more than one area of responsibility and expertise – we all believe in cross training to ensure that our customers are well taken care of even if part of the team is out of the office.

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